Cardwell Inc.’s commercial interior design

At Cardwell Inc. we believe great commercial interior design should focus on form and functionality, without compromising style.

We partner with businesses across Auckland to deliver human-centred design experiences to improve the wellbeing and productivity of your people. Designing spaces, they love to be in.

Cardwell Inc. provides an integrated interior design service. Here are some of the ways we can support you.

Commercial Interiors | Cardwell Inc. Interior Design | Auckland
Commercial Space Planning | Cardwell Inc Interior Design Auckland

Space planning

We consciously map out and plan the existing and proposed areas within your commercial space.

Ensuring the space, furniture and accessories not only fit cohesively together, but improve your business and the wellbeing and productivity of your people within it.

Specialising in Feng Shui we create a better balance of energy in your spaces to enhance team collaboration and workplace harmony.

Colour Swatches | Cardwell Inc Interior Design Auckland

Colour scheme specifications

Consciously curated interior and exterior colour schemes including paint specifications, wallpapers, and flooring – ensuring a coordinated colour palette throughout your commercial space.

Specialising in Colour Psychology we deepen the understanding of emotional, physical, and mental responses to colour within your business, and create an environment that resonates with your people and showcases your mission and vision.

Product Sourcing | Cardwell Inc Interior Design Auckland

Product sourcing & selection

Thoughtfully sourcing and selecting your preferred products, fixtures, fittings, fabrics, furniture, and accessories.

Access to our trusted suppliers, their showrooms and samples will enable you to get a hands-on feel for your products before selecting them.

Once your concept design has been refined, we will purchase products on your behalf and arrange delivery.

Commercial Styling and Finishing | Cardwell Inc Interior Design Auckland

Styling & finishing

Transforming your business. Improving the wellbeing and productivity of your people.

We carefully bring together both the grand gestures and little touches that create spaces you, and your people, can’t wait to work in. A business that cleverly tells your brand story and behaves in a functional way.

Kind words

“We recently worked with Dianna on a complete renovation to turn a room into both a contemporary meeting room and an office workspace.  Dianna's clever spatial planning allowed for a small room to be transformed into a space with multiple functions. She showed a particular sensitivity with colour to take in not only the emotions of clients coming to meetings but to also allow the brand-story of my business to be reflected in the spaces colour palette.”

Level-Up – Office and Meeting Room | Grey Lynn


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