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Welcome to our Concept Shop where you’ll discover artworks by Dianna Brinsden that align with the Cardwell Inc. design ethos – to improve not only your spaces, but the quality of life within.

“The task of art is to take hold of the shining, the radiance, the manifestation, of that which as spirit weaves and lives in the world.” 
- Rudolf Steiner

Artworks by Dianna Brinsden

Dianna creates a range of interior artworks inspired by colour, shape, form and experience.

As an interdisciplinary artist, she has worked in many different forms, including sculpture, painting, performance art and video art.

She was mentored by John Lyall and later completed a Master of Fine Arts at Elam under Sean Kerr and P.Mule her supervisors. She worked as an artist in Europe and studied painting at the Beppe Assenza Malschule in Basel, Switzerland, and Rudolf Steiner philosophy at the Goetheanum - before returning to New Zealand in 2012. 

As a child Dianna could see and feel the presence of art all around her, which set a path for development in imagination, inspiration, and intuition.  She would see colours in the space of her room - dancing in the twilight, darkness, and dawn.  Fluid and transparent in nature, moving between form and experience, they would come forward and recede, shining context in juxtaposition.

The artist consciously brings her connection to art to life through her artworks  - enhancing the way you feel in spaces.

Brinsden | Artwork for Sale

Painting and Drawing – Colour and Movement of Colour

Designed to highlight and emphasise the intended mood and energy of colours within spaces, each work is an interplay between colour and lineal perspective. These works speak to the edges between things, and the beauty of colour emerging from a surface and the affects that colour can have on a person and their environment.  

A homage to her childhood experiences, and to colour studies from Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, and time spent studying colour at the Beppe Assenza Malschule in Basel, Switzerland.

Sculpture – Readymade Vignette

Conversational readymade sculptural vignettes for your coffee table, bookshelf or commercial spaces.

Dianna is an avid collector - seeing the process as a quest, a treasure hunt, to find objects that speak to her. The assemblage and display of the objects becomes theatrical, whether to evoke a story or simply highlight the beauty of form and evince aesthetic qualities. She thoughtfully asks questions about what story objects can tell, and how each of us can give objects purpose - beyond their original function - the placement gives it a new context and meaning as artwork.


If you are drawn to Brinsden’s artistic ethos, she welcomes direct enquiries for commissions.


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