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Creating balance in your home with Feng Shui

Whether you’re creating new looks in existing spaces, undertaking comprehensive renovations or building your dream home – you deserve to feel joy in your home. Believing there’s a connection between the thoughts and feelings you seek from your home and your surroundings; Cardwell Inc. works with you to mindfully align your spaces, so they reflect who you are and transform the way you live. It’s all about interior design that creates the flow of energy and balance you seek. Like most peop...

August 4, 2021

Exploring the connection between colour psychology and better living

A colourful world is a beautiful world. But behind the colours you see, there’s a depth that can affect the way you feel, the way you live and your overall wellbeing. The colours you’re drawn to have the power to change perceptions, lift your mood, motivate, and relax. Think about a brilliant sunrise. Stop for a moment, close your eyes and see. How do you feel?  Or have you noticed that on some days there are certain coloured clothes that you ‘just don’t feel like wearing’ and oth...

July 4, 2021

Creating a deep connection to the spaces inside your home

How is it that New Zealand lockdown 2020 feels both like yesterday and forever ago? But if there’s one theme people seem to remember, so vividly, it’s how they felt while retreating inside their homes. For some, home was a place of comfort. A solace from what was happening beyond the walls. For others, the feeling wasn’t so gentle. A jarring between how they wanted to feel in their homes and the spaces they were living in. Questioning how, going forward, they could live life with intention...

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